Kashmir Valley is a province of Jammu and Kashmir state, located at the extreme north of India. The entire state has three main provinces – Jammu, Kashmir, and Leh Ladakh. Jammu region resembles more or less to the rest of the north Indian states and cities, in topography and ethnic constitution. However, the other two provinces Kashmir Valley and Ladakh are quite distinct from the rest of Indian states.

Transportation in Kashmir

Kashmir Valley constitutes both the plains as well as terrains surrounding these plains. Srinagar is the capital of Kashmir, and the city-center. National Highway 1A connects Srinagar as well as Kashmir with the  rest of India. The roads is Srinagar and other districts are metallic paved roads. At some places, due to heavy snowfall, the roads get damaged in winters. In remote areas, especially far off villages, the roads are not paved.

There are a number of transportation and commutation facilities, operated both by government as well as private institutions.  State Road Transport Corporation or (SRTC) is the largest state operated transport company. The agency is primarily responsible for interstate travel, and their presence in cities has been diminishing. Large buses and coaches are owned and operated by SRTC.

In Kashmir, transportation facilities availed by local residents and tourists, often bear small differences. Local residents in cities usually commute by private buses, auto rickshaws or their personal transportation (cars). For longer distances, that is from district to district, MUVs (Multi-purpose Utility Vehicles) and buses are the primary means of transport. In MUVs, Tata Sumo, Tavera, Qualis, Innova (rarely) are some of the means of transportation.

MUVs are the important and primary means of transportation for tourists and travelers. This is due to the hilly tracks and inclines for which MUVs are well suited. Sedans and Saloons are rare and almost non-existent.

Trips and Guided Tours

For picnic trips and other getaways that are not more than 100 kms away, like Gulmarg, Sonamarg, Pahalgam, Aharbal, Dodhpather, Yusmarg, almost all drivers are well acquainted with the routes and provisions needed. For other places and special trips, only experienced drivers who have thorough knowledge about the routes are engaged. Usually for guided tours, taxis or cabs are booked for complete days or from popular destinations- to-destinations.

Commuting in Srinagar

In Srinagar, there are some places where heavy traffic sometimes causes delays. There are few bottlenecks, like Lal Chowk, Dal Gate, Srinagar ByPass Road, Rainawari, Hawal, Rambagh and some other vicinities. Occasionally delays are suffered while traveling from Srinagar to Pahalgam or Aharbal or at times enroute Srinagar Airport.